Evolving Leaders, Conscious Actions, Better Results

​Business Leadership is a calling, and a responsibility. The world needs your contribution to evolve.

“Barclay brings a unique, personalized approach to his clients and projects. Whether it’s the tumultuous, undercapitalized wild growth of a start-up venture, a major strategic marketing shift, aligning a dysfunctional team, or guiding leaders in their next steps of unfoldment into greater effectiveness, his wide breadth of experience and ability to connect with people adds tremendous value. Barclay understands people, and business, and communicates effectively to help you create greater results.”

Barclay Hope

​​A lifelong student of leadership and a tested entrepreneur and corporate executive. Read Hope's bio here.

Barclay also works with a select group of CEOs, entrepreneurs and decision makers, helping to navigate transformative challenges and opportunities. See consulting.

You and I can work together to bring out your evolution as a leader:

  • Dramatically improve your business results
  • Practical, hands-on, tried and true assistance
  • Sculpt and develop your business, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Meet today’s constituents demand for mindful, conscious leadership
  • Honestly assess your present skill set and  chart the path to your own leadership Mastery