Evolving Leaders, Conscious Actions, Better Results
Barclay Hope
Always drawn to positions of leadership throughout his life, including in high school and college sports, school and business, Barclay has had a life-long passion and interest in the study of successful leadership traits. Those studies of  the past, present, and future evolution of leadership, combined with practical, ongoing reflection on his own career, observances of other leaders, and ongoing education in supporting fields, has led to the development of a platform that efficiently provides an ongoing, results-oriented, learning experience for people seeking to tap their conscious leadership potential.

A thirty year member of the natural and organic food industry, Hope has had success as both an entrepreneurial owner-operator and as a corporate executive in the public sector.

His career has encompassed retail as an owner-partner in two groundbreaking natural foods supermarkets (Hope ‘n Hagen’s, in Southern California) from 1981-88, owner of a gourmet fresh pasta manufacturing company (Buonapasta) from 1988-95, a brief stint opening stores for Wild Oats (1996-97), and finally in fresh perishable distribution, predominately organic produce, at Albert’s Organics from 1997 through 2006.

After Albert’s was sold to United Natural Foods, Inc., Hope succeeded founder Albert Lusk. As President from 2001-2006, he:
  • Led revenue growth from $60m to $200m
  • Grew profits 5-6x
  • Led or participated in 5 acquisitions
  • Led a strategic purchasing shift towards contractual buying
  • Created marketing programs that anticipated the shift from independent natural food store customers to the mass market retail chains
  • Oversaw the creation of a proprietary premium produce brand known as Grateful Harvest
  • Led diversification into other fresh food categories, including a fresh, organic, grass-fed beef program
Since 2007, Hope has consulted on numerous projects, including:
  • A private equity acquisition of a wholesale produce operation (interim CEO, co-investor)
  • An East Coast greenhouse start-up (interim CEO, co-investor)
  • A boutique, legacy brand, natural foods manufacturer
  • An East Coast farming operation
  • A creative fabrication company serving the film, auto, and aerospace industry
Barclay attained his BA in Psychology from UC Davis, and later in his career went back to school and received a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. It was at USM that his interest in leadership quickened, as he delved into bringing the principles of that program into the workplace to teach his executive team how to become more effective leaders: to encompass personal responsibility, conscious mindfulness in their conduct, and how to convey humanity and compassion while achieving better results.
Barclay Hope
Founder, Arts of Leadership
Consulting and Leadership Facilitation