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Endorsements from consulting, advisory & mentoring clients

"An Outstanding Mentor..."

I met Barclay Hope when he led an acquisition of my company, Source Organic, in 2000. He did a tremendous job of overseeing the integration of myself and my staff into key roles in a much larger, publicly traded organization. He recognized and enthusiastically encouraged and supported my own talents and skills, and after the transition he remained an outstanding mentor, coach, guide, advocate, and cheerleader as I developed in my corporate career. 
Melody L Meyer
VP Policy and Industry Relations

"knows how to dig deep and uncover real roadblocks"

I’ve known and work with Barclay for many years. He is a uniquely talented leader who knows how to dig deep and uncover real roadblocks on both a personal / emotional level and a tactical level. It doesn’t matter if it’s a visionary-big-picture perspective or an individual-behavioral assessment, Barclay’s leadership skills and good-natured communication style make solving complex organizational and operational business issues meaningful and pleasurable.

Finding a leadership mentor that can combine creativity and practicality is not easy; it's a unique ability that very few mentors have mastered—but Barclay is one those uniquely gifted individuals.    
Allen Pike
Founder and CEO
TransFX, Inc.

"I learned the habit of thinking big..."

Barclay Hope’s style of leadership blends compassion, accountability, and business acuity with insightful intuition, allowing him to bring out the best of those he serves and leads.

As an executive mentor, Barclay helped me to identify previously untapped potential in myself. My confidence and contribution increased as a result. I learned the habit of thinking big and stretching to raise performance, for myself and my teams.

When working with groups, BH leverages his talent to spot the “big idea” and helps teams to rally and successfully reach for new, meaningful accomplishments.

Hope delivers all of the above while also championing humanity at our workplace, recognizing our work contribution is part of a bigger, more complex context and helping others to find greater purpose and meaning in their “day jobs”.
Rod Moyer
Veteran Organic Foods Sales Executive

"A natural focus..."

Barclay has a natural focus on what’s necessary to achieve results, blended with that openness and objectivity required for learning and development.  He is direct with his communication and what I need to hear, as it relates to what I want to accomplish - said in ways that I get.  He brings compassion and understanding to whatever I’m dealing with.
Tom Dyer
Executive Outcomes Consulting

"A deep dive into mindful leadership..."

When I first met Barclay, I was struck by his extraordinary and unique leadership style—which he consistently demonstrated with regards to our business in the organic food industry—and his commitment and stewardship through his involvement in various charitable organizations.  He has much to share with those who are looking for a deep dive into mindful leadership practices. 
Monica R. McClintock
HR Director

"Exemplifies empowerment through leadership..."

Over the 35 years that I have known him, I have been regularly impressed by the conscious leadership Barclay has demonstrated.  Even though he is a natural leader, he has further developed these skills to where he now provides inspiration to both his peers in the business world and the friends he makes in his personal life.  Barclay exemplifies empowerment through leadership.
James E. Hagen
Chief Operating Officer
FreshPack Produce

"expertly represented us"

​​I hired Barclay to represent my interests in a royalty contract renegotiation which had become extremely contentious. Barclay added immediate gravitas to our position, and expertly represented us in many months of negotiations. The result was a new agreement that I am very happy with, and will take care of my family for many years. I'm especially grateful to him for providing guidance and support when emotions would run high, continually reminding me of keeping my eye on the bigger picture.
​Professional Food Formulator,
Under Non-disclosure Agreement

"Catalyzed my personal evolution and leadership effectiveness"

​Arts of Leadership Roundtable catalyzed my personal evolution and leadership effectiveness.  The program and my efforts led my mind from scattered to clear, my body from exhausted to energized and my emotions from volatile to tranquil.  As I reconnected with my true self my relationships at home and work are measurably improved.  I'm poised to realize my personal and professional goals.
COO, FDA approved medical Device manufacturer
​Under Non-disclosure Agreement

"A keen understanding of business and relationships"

During my participation in the Arts of Leadership Roundtable my business has grown and my confidence as a business leader has grown even more.  Barclay has a unique ability to safely and deftly guide the group with intelligence, compassion and a keen understanding of business and relationships. I enthusiastically endorse this program to any and all business people who are looking to embark on a journey of discovery and achievement.  This results-oriented group is intimate in nature, professional in demeanor, and profound in self-discovery.  
​Marcus Kettles
Owner, Fit Buddha Studios

"Barclay is in his element helping individuals become better leaders…"

He has a knack for seeing what is working and what needs more focus and attention. This really comes out in the one-on-one session where there is a chance to go deeply into particular situations at work and focus on items from the strategic to the tactical.

He's able to see the principles at work and narrow down the crux of the problem quickly by asking open ended questions and helping to bring out my own wisdom on the topic.
​Wayne Tate
Co-owner, Eagle Aerial Solutions