Evolving Leaders, Conscious Actions, Better Results


​​​​Barclay's broad range of experience contributes to his capacity to add outstanding value in a broad range of consulting engagements and business critical scenarios for your business. Such as:
  • Go-to-Market, or Repositioning Strategy
  • Brand or Product Launch
  • Executive Team Build-Out
  • Supply Chain Improvement
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Acquisitions and Integrations
  • Succession Planning
​Barclay is a highly versatile and experienced business executive with a unique ability to truly “connect” with leaders of all stripes, gain their trust, and help them access their inner knowing and strengths to accelerate their development. 


​It’s lonely at the Top. Confidential, highly personalized coaching designed to improve your effectiveness as a leader, inspiring improved results, greater confidence, and a better quality of life. Focusing on your individual strengths and challenges: providing balanced, compassionate accountability, identifying blind spots, and rounding out your mastery of the Arts of Leadership.
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Monthly, half day gatherings of 8-10 similar business leaders for deepening fellowship,  fierce, but compassionate, exploration, learning, and focusing collectively on The Arts of Leadership in a practiced, thematic curriculum of exercises, role-playing, and group discussion.

Included in the program is a sixty-ninety minute coaching call in between meetings.
"Catalyzed my personal leadership and effectiveness…"
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Project based guidance with a focus on maximizing collaboration and effective communication: facilitating exercises, guidance, and oversight for a team to improve their  mutual commitment, accountability, joy, and on-time completion, effectiveness, and results.

Barclay is highly proficient at spotting  egos running amok and addressing them directly in a timely and effective manner, so that highly motivated individuals can become more cohesive team members.
​ "A unique ability to safely and deftly guide the group with intelligence, compassion and a keen understanding of business and relationships…"
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With today’s many technological choices, it’s possible to provide highly effective services anywhere on the planet. Geography becomes less a factor, and in some cases a degree of anonymity actually increases willingness to be vulnerable and speeds up your process.
​"A natural focus on what's necessary to achieve results…"
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